Peter Grehn

History: Guitarist, vocalist and founding member of Fantasmagoria in 1991 with Jon Hammarstedt, Mikael Åsentorp (ex. ML) and Robin Engström (ex. ML). Joined Morgana Lefay in 1997. Also active with his band Lady Die with Johan Wadelius (ex. Marbel Arch), Tomas Rosenborg and Pelle Åkerlind.  

Charles Rytkönen

History: Started out in a band called Fasttrack in 1983/84. One of the founding members of Sepher Jezirah together with Tommi Karppanen (ex. ML) (Tad Morose), Christer Andersson (Tad Morose) and Stefan Persson (ex. Ice Force). Joined Damage/Morgana Lefay in 1987. Also active in Cibola Junction together with Örjan Josefsson (ex. Osiris, OTR), Torsten Bengtsberg [...]

Tony Eriksson

History: Founding member of Diavox in 1984. Played with Ice Force for a period of time in the 80′s. One of the founding members of Coma with Stefan Jonsson (Gormathon). After the split up with Coma he started a band called Damage together with Stefan Jonsson, Jonas Söderlind (ex. ML), Joakim Lundberg (ex. ML), In [...]

Fredrik Lundberg

History: Joined Morgana Lefay in 2003. Former member of Divine Sin( 1990-99 ) and one of the founding members of Incarnated in 1991. He has also played in bands such as Korp, Fantasmagoria, Hellvetica and OG3. Currently also active in the music project Worn and faded with Per Ryberg ( Studio Soundcreation ).  

Pelle Åkerlind

History: Former member of Lednote and Rock Tools. Joined Morgana Lefay in 2006. Also active in Trail of Murder and in the Bollnäs based band Bloodbound. . . . . .